There are more than 200 turbines constructed and under contract in Maine.

Wind Projects

Wind power is helping to make Maine more self-sufficient and less vulnerable to fluctuations in the price of fossil fuels.  Wind provides good jobs and economic opportunity for individuals and communities across Maine, and wind farms are helping protect our planet by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.

  • There are currently 200+ turbines constructed and under contract in Maine.
  • The total investment in Maine based projects to date is more than $1 billion.
  • Of the total investment, in excess of $400 million has resulted in economic benefits received in Maine (the remainder is attributable to turbine and tower purchase).
  • During periods of peak construction, recent wind projects have created/supported over 600 jobs.
  • The average over that period is 240 jobs supported annually since 2003.
  • Operations and Maintenance positions for the projects currently in operation total 30 full time positions.
  • Nearly all the people hired for wind power related work in Maine are from Maine.
  • Funding from wind projects has supported a variety of activities in and around project communities. Examples include: increased promotion of nature based tourism; purchase of new fire trucks, plow trucks, and backhoes; road and infrastructure upgrades; improvements to snowmobile trails; and the establishment of revolving loan funds to support local businesses.
  • Maine's wind projects have generated business for over 700 Maine companies and will continue to spread its economic footprint across the state so long as the investment climate remains predictable and reasonable.
  • Recent polling has again confirmed that nearly 90% of Mainers support wind power.
Wind power projects in Maine 1 - Mars Hill (First Wind): 42MW
2 - Stetson I & II (First Wind): 83MW
3 - Kibby (TransCanada): 132MW
4 - Oakfield (First Wind): 150MW
5 - Vinalhaven (Fox Islands Wind): 4.5MW
6 - Beaver Ridge (Patriot Renewables): 4.5MW
7 - Rollins (First Wind): 60MW
8 - Record Hill (Independence Wind): 50MW
9 - Spruce Mountain (Patriot Renewables): 20MW
10 - Bull Hill (First Wind): 34MW
11- Passadumkeag (Quantum): 42MW
12 - Hancock Wind (First Wind): 54MW
13 - Saddleback Wind (Patriot Renewables): 34MW