Wind Projects

Wind power is helping to make Maine more self-reliant. Wind power provides economic opportunity for individuals, businesses, and communities across Maine, and wind farms are helping our environment by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Quick Project Highlights

Maine Wind Farm Locations

Wind power projects in Maine
  1. Mars Hill (First Wind): 42MW
  2. Stetson I & II (First Wind): 83MW
  3. Kibby (TransCanada): 132MW
  4. Oakfield (First Wind): 150MW
  5. Vinalhaven (Fox Islands Wind): 4.5MW
  6. Beaver Ridge (Patriot Renewables): 4.5MW
  7. Rollins (First Wind): 60MW
  8. Record Hill (Independence Wind): 50MW
  9. Spruce Mountain (Patriot Renewables): 20MW
  10. Bull Hill (First Wind): 34MW
  11. Passadumkeag (Quantum): 42MW
  12. Hancock Wind (First Wind): 54MW
  13. Saddleback Wind (Patriot Renewables): 34MW
  14. Canton (Patriot Renewables): 23MW

NOTE: This graphic and list do not necessarily reflect the most current projects or updated project capacities.